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9 Apr 2015 - Informant Systems and NuDesign Technologies announce extended partnership to ease transition to SNMPv3

14 Sep 2014
SNMP Informant 2014.1 released with enhanced support support for Exchange 2010, WSUS and more! Check it out TODAY!


SNMP Informant is our flagship line of Windows SNMP data providers.
If you are looking to use SNMP to monitor and collect more in-depth statistics about the performance of your Windows servers, then SNMP Informant is for you.  Depending on your requirements, you'll likely find that our providers fit the bill.

  • Performance Providers - These products hook into the performance counter subsystem and provide low-level performance monitor statistics to any SNMPv1 and/or SNMPv2 Network Management Stations.
  • WMI Providers - These products connect to the WMI sub-system of Windows servers, and convert remote SNMP requests to local WMI requests, thus allowing unprecedented access to detailed Windows configuration and state information for Operating System, Hardware, Exchange 2000/2003, Virtual Server and Hyper-Visor.  Operating System product enhancements include bi-directional (service control, remote execution and shutdown/restart) control of Windows server systems.
  • Server Specific Providers - Our Microsoft Cluster Services and Citrix providers allows remote SNMP management of your MSCS and CItrix environments
  • Custom Providers - Our extensible custom provider allows you to add your own performance, WMI and registry queries.

Check out the SNMP Informant web site to find out more.

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